Why we’re here


The camp is here to be a hub for front line community resistance to the plan for unconventional oil exploration on Leith Hill – a plan which has been forced onto the local community over a 9 year planning & legal battle.

The camp has three main aims:

  • To share information and make more people aware about the plans to drill the hill
  • To monitor the site and inform the community about activity there, acting as the first line in the campaign to persuade suppliers to the project to pull out – to date six suppliers have withdrawn
  • To protect the hill through peaceful protest, and to help other people to do this


The camp is a temporary camp which is here while Europa & co plan to drill here. When we win, we will dismantle the camp and restore the land we’re on back to as close as its natural state as we can

People who stay on the camp should contribute to the campaign and day to day running of the camp as far as they are able. Jobs include helping with the day to day running of the camp, helping with visitors and outreach, practical activism :), building, welfare, training, art and media work

Violence, bulling, harassment and prejudice are not accepted on the camp – we have a safer spaces policy that residents and visitors should read and stick to

We seek to respect nature and look after the hill – e.g. picking up litter, not trampling plantlife or the banks, leaving rotten wood for wild–life

We aim for the public spaces in the camp to be places a family will feel comfortable bringing their children to during the daytime

We aim for local people of all political persuasions to feel comfortable visiting or parking near the camp to enjoy the woods, and that they are treated with courtesy

Everyone is welcome to visit. If you would like to come and stay, please come to meet us – we can talk about the guidelines and process for coming to stay in more detail.