The Story So Far

Europa Oil and Gas have been granted permission to carry out an exploratory drill off Coldharbour Lane, after a long legal and planning battle with local residents and the council, which went to the high court. The project to drill in this Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty is being pursued with ruthless arrogance, and no social licence.

Local campaign groups Leith Hill Action Group and Voice for Leith Hill have been campaigning tirelessly to stop the project through the legal and planning system and awareness raising events.

Leith Hill Protection Camp began life in October 2016 as an occupation of the intended drill site off Coldharbour Lane. The site was occupied until June 2017, when we were evicted by a specialist team climbing and tunneling team over two days.

Drill or drop ariel shot edited
Ariel shot of camp 1 during the June 2017 eviction

The camp has moved to the other side of the road, where we monitor activity on the site, identify new suppliers, and act as a hub for community resistance to the spread of unconventional oil extraction in the South East.

Fencing has been put up around the area leased to Europa and there is 24 hour security, but the site is not yet live, as Europa Oil and Gas are still waiting for approval of their ‘Traffic Management Plan’ explaining how they plan to get hundreds of heavy goods vehicles through Dorking and up an ancient sunken lane. (as of Jan 2018). For guidance on how to object to the traffic plan, see the Voice for Leith Hill website.

Visitors are always welcome to come up for a chat. We also run regular workshops on Saturdays – please come along to find out what direct action is, and the different types of roles involved!