Supplier email template

Dear []

It has come to my attention that your company is involved as a supplier to Europa’s drill site on Coldharbour Lane near Dorking.

I would like to bring it to your attention that your company is supplying to a highly controversial company, who plan to implement unethical and environmentally damaging procedures at Leith Hill. This company works with procedures such as acidisation to break down the geology to access oil and or gas. Furthermore, the Leith Hill site is in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, and access to the site is via a steep and narrow sunken lane that is popular with cyclists and walkers, and vulnerable to damage from heavy vehicles.

For more information you can visit sites such as:

I can assure you that this company does not have the support of the local community and is also strongly opposed nationally. With consideration to a world-wide view of moving towards green energy; I am sure you can understand why the actions of this company are so controversial. I would therefore respectfully ask you to reconsider your involvement with this and any other company that does not follow a positive environmental ethos. There are many companies each day choosing to pull out of supplying such companies and I ask if you would find the courage and self- respect to follow their lead.

There are times when we as individuals and as group participants need to make a stand and put the greater good before profit.

Yours Faithfully,