Supplier Campaign

Oil companies need other support companies to operate. Many of the suppliers who work on the project are unaware of the nature of the project or the strength of public feeling about drilling on Leith Hill, and choose to withdraw once they realise.

The campaign works by the camp photographing new suppliers as they come to the site, then everyone emailing, ringing, writing or commenting on social media.

To date, eight suppliers have withdrawn from supplying Europa – and that’s even before they’ve tried to start construction work on the site.

We will try to keep an up to date list of suppliers and withdrawals on this page – scroll down to see names and contact details.

How to take part!

The campaign is most effective when lots of people contact a company in a short space of time, for example when they first start serving the site. We will alert people when this happens through our Facebook pages and this website. During times where there are no new companies, it’s still worth contacting the suppliers we know about to keep the pressure on.

Once you have decided which company to contact, please get in touch with them through whatever means you are most comfortable with – phone, email, via Facebook, Twitter or letter. If you have used the company yourself or were planning to use them, this is powerful and worth mentioning. We’d suggest to keep it polite and friendly as many companies aren’t aware of what kind of project they are taking part in or how people feel about it. If they respond to you, please let us know on Facebook or though the Contact page.

There’s an email template you can use as a guide when contacting companies – if you have time please adapt it to make it more personal.

Contacting a company takes around 2 – 10 minutes depending on how detailed your feedback is – six companies have pulled out so far, so this is a very effective use of your time to protect Leith Hill!

Companies who have supplied the site and not withdrawn

County Clean Environmental Services Limited
Came to service the portaloos in the security cabin on 16/05/18. Came again on 31/05/18.
01323 741818 – switchboard
0800 171 2204 – freephone

County Clean (2)

JSS Scaffolding
Erected heras fencing at site which may be contrary to planning permission on 21/08/17.…/
01590 689068

Britaniacrest were the first on the scene to dispose of the pallet fortress at Leith Hill
01293 820021

Chertsey Plant Hire, another local company have also been working against it’s own community by providing plant….. Also drove dangerously at protectors >:|
01737 844622

PJ Brown Construction
Facilitating ground works and also (possibly) the land owner of Horse Hill drill site
01293 844210

Eclipse Strategic Security
BE AWARE….These people are passionate bedfellows of Europa, Angus Energy and UKOG.
Their Chiswick office is in fact located in the same building as Angus Energy. Apart from providing site security, they are intelligence gatherers with a direct line to the oil industry…I wouldn’t advise contacting these, but have listed for public awareness. They are providing site security throughout the Weald Basin project. They NEVER wear their SIA badges, continually record members of the public on CCTV and refuse to identify themselves.

Churchill Security
Contracted in to provide 24 hour security at the site after Eclipse moved their staff to UKOG’s site at Horse Hill.

Les Moore / Securimooore Security Services. Dog security and perimeter patrols….

Companies who have withdrawn ❤

Big appreciation to these companies which listened to public opinion and pulled out of the project. Often they were subcontracted and didn’t know what kind of project it was until they arrived at the site.

Tardis Hire – CANCELLED 02/05/18

A1 Portaloos – CANCELLED 23/03/18

J & J Franks Ltd – CANCELLED late June / early July 2017

Simply Loos – CANCELLED 15/08/17

BioMarsh Environmental – CANCELLED 31/08/17

MJ Brown – CANCELLED 13/09/17

Crossways Transport (International) Ltd – CANCELLED 04/12/17

Four Jays Group – possibly cancelled 02/02/2018
After making a public announcement that they were unlikely to go back to supplying the site in August 2017, FourJays returned on 1st Feb 2018 to deliver a portacabin. However, they have since commented that “It was not until our driver arrived at the site that he know where it was to be sited”. They have also said that “Four Jays will be reviewing our information collection methods to make sure we ascertain where we will be working in the future and have no plans to return to the site again”. Let’s hope they stick to it!