Tour of South East Drill Sites

The South East is facing a wave of new unconventional oil exploration. The companies involved work closely together, sharing resources like security teams and investing in each other’s projects. Their long terms aim is widespread oil extraction and fracking, which will lead to the industrialisation of the Weald.

To raise awareness of what’s happening in the Weald, there are two upcoming tours of South East drill sites.

Friday 2nd March, 11am-6pm-ish – South-East Anti-Fracking Site “Tour”.
A guided tour of some of the drill sites in the South East. Meet outside Dorking Station, please bring food & flask. Wear warm waterproof clothing with stout footwear!

Hope to see you here! 🙂


1 thought on “Tour of South East Drill Sites”

  1. I regularly visit from London, please don’t allow any drilling on or near Leith Hill as it will reduce the area’s rare tranquility and may damage the aquifer’s purity.


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