Candlelit vigil at the site – Sun 18th

A decision on the ‘traffic management plan’ which would allow hundreds of lorries up Coldharbour Lane to build a drill site is expected on 21st February soon (the meeting planned for 21st Feb has been cancelled, horay)!

Many of us have written and called the Council, and will be waiting anxiously for the outcome. While we wait, this is a chance to come together for a peaceful and calm community gathering.

We will meet opposite the intended drill site, where we will light candles as a group to express our love for the area and our determination to protect it, wishing that Surrey County Council make the right decision and reject the plan.

Arrive from 5pm, candle lighting at 5:30pm followed by a minute of silence while we will SCC to listen to us and choose wisely.

There will be chai tea and hot chocolate at the camp to warm you up afterwards, all are welcome.

Parking is available in the layby next to the camp, or you can park in Coldharbour Village and walk to the site which is about a ten minute walk.

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