FourJays – supplying the site again


Update 02/02/2018:
FourJays have commented that their driver was not aware of the type of site they were delivering to and that they will be reviewing their information collection methods to make sure they ascertain where they will be working in future and have no plans to return to the site again.

Fourjays second statement of withdrawal

Back in August 2017, FourJays made a Facebook post in response to comments they’d received about their involvement with Europa’s project to drill Leith Hill. They had delivered portaloos to the site, and were contacted by several members of the public, expressing their unhappiness that the company would be involved in the scheme.

FourJays rather guarded statement acknowledged the recent communications and said that “We cannot foresee our company being engaged to work at this site again”.

FourJays statement edited

However! On 1 Feb 2018, they returned to the site to deliver a portacabin, driving dangerously at a protector in the process.

This makes their message of 1 August seem like a pretty low attempt at appeasement.

Please could you spare five minutes to let them know their involvement in this project, which has no community consent, is not acceptable?

Contact details below:

Tel: 01622 843135





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